Frequently Asked Questions

1Does the price include Delivery?Yes the price you see it the price you pay
2Will you set it up for us?Yes we will install the items and give you a safety brief and ask you to sign to say we have done so.
3Do you have InsuranceYes we have £5 million 3rd party liability cover (ask other company’s what they have)
4Are Your inflatables TestedYes We inspect every unit on delivery and collection for defects.
5How can we PayYou can pay Cash on D​ELIVERY( I stress on Delivery as no payment means no item) alternatively you can pay by bank transfer, make sure you add your booking reference.
6How long does it take to installIt mainly depends on Access to the area, so please make sure all paths are clear from bins and items that may slow down our delivery people, usually 15 to 20 mins
7Will the bouncy castle fitThe measurements on our website are approximate so make sure you have enough space as this is your responsibility and full payment will be required if the hired unit does not fit
8Can you put it on my DriveAll inflatables must be pegged down to the ground so we can only install bouncy castles and other inflatables on Grass
9We do not have power what do we doYou will need the assistance of a petrol blower or generator if no power is available
10Delivery and Collection timesYou may have seen the delivery time is quite large and if you require it at a specific time you will need to make sure you at this to the notes section and we will do our best, we quote free delivery anytime from 0800 to 12pm and pickups start at 4pm and last pickup is 7pm
11Can I hire overnightNo you can’t, but you can have a late collection but it does cost a little, you are responsible for the safe keeping of all items while they are on hire to you so make sure you look after them as missing or damaged items must be payed for.
12What about the rainWith the unpredictable British weather we keep an eye on the weather all the time due to safety if it was to be heavy rain that is forecast all day we would call and cancel due to safety reasons, likewise if it is to be very windy we would cancel due to safety as well, we do realise that it can be frustrating but safety is our number one aim. If it’s a total washout we will also contact you.





Deposit Payments



Any deposits must be made make when booking the equipment a £20 deposit per unit will be required at the time of booking, deposits are non-refundable.